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el piropo

Composed of European and South American musicians, “el piropo” illustrates the very essence of tango: a music genre that emerged at the intersection of peoples that crossed their paths in two ports, Buenos Aires and Montevideo.

Just as tango, “el piropo” originates in a port city: Barcelona.

This is where the group members met: Almut Wellmann, tango dancer who took her bandoneon – German as her – to Buenos Aires and brought it back to Europe filled with tango; Berna Jones, Chilean violinist who follows her family tradition of outstanding classical musicians; and, from Argentina, Gaspar Müller, guitar and bandoneon player, as well as arranger of the ensemble; Leandro Avalle, international classical pianist; and Emiliano Roca Gómez, double-bass player, who builds his own intruments.

“el piropo” traverses the main currents in the genre’s history, from the “guardia vieja” period to present, with a distinctive sound. It offers a creative tango style, more lively and contemporary than ever, without altering its essence.

Throughout 2015 “el piropo” edits its first album “Para lucirse” and performs in England at the Tango Cheltenham Festival (Town Hall) and at the Reading Tango Club “Summer ball”, as well as goes on an European tour to Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France and Luxemburg, which gives as a result their second CD “9 de Julio”, recorded in concert, and presented in their second tour with more than 20 concerts in Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Belgium.